how to speak our way to a better life

How to speak our way to a better life

What that means: everything vibrates at a specific frequency. The higher our frequency, the less susceptible to disease and illness and also the happier we are, as well as attracting beings, energies and humans of similar frequencies. (We attract what we are) .

The lower our frequency, the more sick we can become, and we will attract the lower vibrating beings, energies and people into our lives: meaning those kinds of people who will help to hold you back rather than lift you up and help you succeed. It’s not because of ill will towards you - only because these people are also vibrating at low frequency and can barely see past their basic needs and wants. 

When we purchase or receive a new piece of gemstone or crystal jewelry, surely the jeweler has told you all the properties of this piece and everything it can do for you - the operative word being CAN. In order for crystals to work to your advantage, you must also be working to your own advantage.

This means positivity. Not just positive thinking but also elimination of all negative thinking.

And even more important is SPEAKING : spoken word holds much power - much more than we were taught to know about. The word “Spelling” Is spelled this way for a reason - we are literally “casting spells” into the universe - you are the co-creator of your reality and you can actually speak things into being.

For example - the more you say out loud that you are so tired - or that so and so makes you sick - think twice before speaking this into existence.

You may be making yourself more tired than you need to be. Try instead (even if you FEEL the opposite) I am invigorated! I am full of energy! Like the "fake it til you make it" philosophy- you can bring into existence the things you continually speak. 


Take this concept a little further - those of us who grew up in Christian homes are very familiar with the concept of setting an intention out loud we just didn't realize that's what we were doing: take for example saying the blessing: "God we ask you to bless this food and allow it to nourish our bodies" - now doesn't that sound like setting an out loud intention for our food? casting a spell if you will?

The cosmos will reign blessings upon the grateful - its called subconscious programming - we must be eternally CAREFUL with what we say and PRECISE in how we say it - 

we are taught as children "sticks and stones can break my bones but WORDS CAN NEVER HURT ME"  --- THIS COULD NOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH 

Sticks and stones can break your bones but words can COMPLETELY DESTROY YOU 

they are not called curse words for nothing - you are literally cursing your very existence. all the crystals in the world will not help those of us who will not be more careful with how we speak and who (seen AND unseen) we are inviting into our lives. 



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