Chrysoberyl : natural cat eye


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Chrysoberyl or Cat Eye is a magical stone - it stimulates the intuition , dispels negative energy and provides protection.

Chrysoberyl brings happiness and good luck, compassion, confidence and forgiveness. 

Chrysoberyl encourages us to use strategic planning in problem solving, allowing us to see both sides of a situation. 

Physically, Chrysoberyl is helpful to the liver and chest. It also stabilizes intellect and supports flexibility of the mind.

"Chrysoberyl assists us in merging and unifying the energies of the solar plexus and the heart, bringing empowerment of the will, under the guidance of the heart's compassionate wisdom. It can shift the vibration of one's energy field to enhance one's ability to act powerfully from a place of gentleness. It assists one in persevering in altruistic projects, such as those that help to heal and preserve Nature or that benefit other humans in need. Chrysberyl's energy also concerns the creation of prosperity through generosity. In this Universe of infinite abundance, we are more like valves through which energies flow than we are like containers in which things accumulate. Like priming a pump, we open our valve and start the flow by giving - and the receiving will then follow. Chrysoberyl can help us set up the vibrational conditions which are ideal for this flow. 

Catseye Chrsoberyl facilitates the gift of prophecy." - Robert Simmons

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