Cleansing your Crystal Jewelry and Specimens

How To Cleanse and Charge Your Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry

Method 1 : Use a Cleansing Stone

The easiest way to cleanse and charge your crystals and stones is by using other crystals that absorb negative energies and charge or amplify positive energies. SELENITE and CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL are two of the most popular cleansers - You can also cleanse other stone’s energies with CITRINE or CARNELIAN. SELENITE is by far the best choice for this method.   

selenite stones cleansing charging gemstone jewelry

 Simply place your jewelry near your chosen cleansing stone for 6 hours or so - I place my bracelets in a jewelry dish with selenite stones before going to bed 
This method will clear any lingering negative energies from your stones and re-energize their properties and intention. 
This many stones (as shown in the picture) is not necessary - one stone is plenty. The crystals love the energy the selenite gives off - if you don’t have time to leave them for a full 6 hours that is fine - I have read that 5 minutes is long enough when using selenite stones.


 Method 2: Sun or Moon bath

 The sun and moon both give energy to     crystals and will cleanse your stones of bad  vibes. 4 hours is enough for both sun and  moon baths - make sure your jewelry is placed in direct moon or sun light. I don’t recommend using a sun bath when it is very hot - certain stones may fade or crack leaving your jewelry less aesthetically appealing.



Method 3: Meditation


For this method, you will want to get into a quiet, peaceful surrounding with little or no distractions. Hold your gemstone jewelry - focus on your stones. It is also recommended to focus on anything that brings you peace and comfort - now, visualize a bright white light that penetrates your stones - imagine it flooding your stones with cleansing white energetic light to the point where there is no room left for any darkness - imaging the flood of white light pushing the bad vibes out of your stones. This “thought energy” created by you will cleanse your jewelry of any lingering bad vibes or negative energies.  

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