Fluorite - the genius stone

Fluorite (Rainbow Fluorite)

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Fluorite is associated with the heart and crown chakras and with the wind element. It can help uncover our psychic ability, clear our auras and energy paths and increase our positivity while energizing our mind and spirit.

- very protective stone and will help make you aware of any influences or psychic manipulation happening within yourself and shut off all unwelcome mental influence, thereby encouraging individuality.

- cleanses the aura and neutralizes EMF and geopathic stress.

- draws off negative energy and stress as well as eliminates anything disruptive within the body. This is the best stone for any kind of disorganization.

- focuses the mind and strengthens intuition. It incorporates structure into our everyday, overcoming chaos in the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

- increases self esteem, helps to move past narrow-mindedness and dissolves illusions so we may see the truth.

- helps us to process information and increases our concentration. It promotes quicker thinking and helps with absorption of new information. It dispels confusion and will help one learn to think past our emotions and also to stay in the present moment while planning for the future.

- is helpful to teeth, bones, skin(especially blemishes and wrinkles), libido and repairs DNA.

- aids arthritis, spinal injuries and pain, especially nerve related.

"Fluorite can act as a "psychic vacuum cleaner", clearing the atmosphere of confusion, cluttered thoughts, negativity and astral contamination. It is balancing to the third eye and to mental energies in general. It can assist one in thinking clearly and in making subtle but important discriminations regarding the kinds of energies and people one will allow into one's world." - Robert Simmons the Book of Stones

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