Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is iridescent and tasteful - long revered for its class and beauty. Mother of Pearl forms the inner layer of the shell of certain mollusks like oysters and abalones. It is commonly known as a gemstone for the 1st or 3rd Anniversary.

Mother of Pearl can be many different colors but typically it is found naturally in ivory, cream or black.

It is a protective and calming stone. It brings the gentle healing power of the sea. Mother of Pearl relieves stress, as it is relaxing, and soothing to the emotions.

Mother of Pearl stimulates our intuition, adaptability and imagination. It can help your emotions become more balanced. It calms the temper and banishes fear. It is a great stone for anyone suffering from PTSD and past traumas.

Mother of Pearl enables you to more easily express your feelings of love. It inspires clarity in decision making and organization. It is also helpful for endurance as well as a stable and happy home life.

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