Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is grounding while at the same time raises vibrations. It is a protective stone, fortifying resolve to problems and eliminating stress and anxiety. It neutralizes negative vibrations and blocks geopathic stress. It brings positive vibrations and teaches you how to part with what no longer serves you.

Smoky quartz helps with fear, depression, suicidal thoughts and tendencies and aids in acceptance of the physical body, encouraging passion to flow. It helps alleviate nightmares and dissolves negative emotions.

Smoky quartz encourages concentration and helps with communication.

Smoky quartz is helpful with pain, headache, stomach issues, hips and legs, reproductive system, heart, and nerves. It helps with cramps and strengthens the back.

"Smoky Quartz is one of the premier grounding stones. It can help even the spaciest individuals get their 'land legs' so they can fully function as physical beings. it also aids the grounding of spiritual information. smoky quartz enhances practicality and organization. it can help one avoid extravagance. It offers protection from negative energies in one's environment. It can absorb and transmute almost unlimited amounts of negativity. Smoky Quartz has a way of drawing the etheral into manifestation. Whenone is wearing it, one is actually more likely to see such phenomena as ghosts, ufos, fairies and spirit guides. rather than raising ones vibration, it draws the entities or phenomena into ones auric field and down to ones level of perception. for similar reasons, smoky quartz is useful for helping one bring ones most potent dreams and inspired ideas into physical reality." - Robert Simmons the book of Stones

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