The Healing Power of Crystals vol 1

The Healing Power of Crystals vol 1

Certain crystals and stones work best with each other or will work with each other when paired toward a specific intended goal or "intention".

All things vibrate and have a specific frequency. Humans included, Crystals and Gemstones included.

Crystals and Gemstones have the ability to vibrate and interact with our human bio-field or aura - the gemstones vibrate at their specific frequency, intensified by other variables, which disrupt or alter our own vibrations - increasing our frequencies and allowing us to attract better things in life due to the fact that we are now vibrating at a higher level

(We attract what we Put Out)

The results can astound you if the correct stones are worn and the intentions are set and your thinking is positive along with spoken affirmations and carefully selected language that works toward getting you to your specific goals - all of these things when pursued with intention can help us to attain almost anything. 

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