Why EVERYONE needs to wear SHUNGITE

Shungite - the best way to use shungite? Wear it on your person on a daily basis!

Also known as the stone of transformation, shungite, especially elite shungite, is a perfect natural healer and energy stabilizer. Shungite is an effective protector against EMF and geopathic stress - pretty much every entity that subtly attacks us carbon based beings on a daily basis. Shungite has been proven to posess a powerful energetic field which keeps the human body and soul in harmony. Shungite is composed of fullernes, which are hollow carbon structures that contribute to the stone’s healing powers.

 The root of shungites effective healing properties is its unique composition which is mainly carbon. It is currently of great interest in the scientific community because of its profound positive effects on human health.

Shungite is a powerful intention amplifier, as it has electricity conducting properties. Shungite can act as a conductor of your mental energy and drive it strongly towards your desired intention.

Shungite can be used to eliminate and cleanse the negativity from your environment - this includes negative people that you should burn bridges with. It has a calming steady energy, and protects you from bad energies by “cloaking” you from it.

Shungite is very beneficial to those of us who are dealing with toxic relationships. Shungite will deflect the negative energy of others away from you.

People who wear shungite find that they became luckier and more successful with such a powerful negative energy deflector and mind energy amplifier in their corner working for them.

As a healing stone, shungites ability to pull negative energies away from you will have a powerful effect on healing or protecting from illness.

“The key thing with shungite is that it should always be near you.”

Because of shungite’s use as an enhancer of power, it can be paired with virtually any stone in order to amplify its properties.

It has the amazing ability to harmonize with the energies it’s surrounded with or the energies that it absorbs.

When you use this crystal regularly, you also help your body remove anything that’s causing physical and emotional distress.

Shungite cures, restores, and stimulates. It will remove anything that harms you and your environment and restore everything that is good.

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