Festival Gemstone Rings

After many requests, our Best Selling festival item is now finally available online!

Our wire wrapped gemstone rings, hand wrapped by Levi, have been a hit at festivals since their debut thanks to their elegant simplicity and their phenomenally low price of just $5 per ring! 

These rings consist of a single gemstone bead wrapped into a ring with sterling silver plated copper wire - the wire is durable, giving you the benefits of wearing copper with the elegance of sterling silver.

Now, anyone can get their own Stone&Hide festival gemstone ring regardless of location or ability to purchase one from us in person! happy shopping!

This is our way of getting the healing energies and high vibrations of these stones to anyone no matter their budget - we are very passionate about "spreading the wealth" and getting a crystal in anyone's hand who is curious about harnessing the power within and helping to increase the frequency of the entire planet :)

*each piece of jewelry is made to order and may not look exactly like the photo due to the nature of genuine crystals and stones - each one is unique and no 2 are exactly alike. * 

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