Crystal Intention Bracelets

Stone and Hide has a unique style of healing intention bracelets - Stretch bracelets are durable thanks to the special knot at the top that we created as well as the specific highest quality cord that we use - the only elastic cord we trust to carry genuine high quality gemstones.

To get the best results from healing crystals and stones, they should be worn on the skin - or as close to it as possible. This is because the body is able to absorb the stones vibration better when it is in direct contact with our skin which makes jewelry a great option for best results. The healing vibrations and energies given off by the stones are magnified through use of Mala Necklaces and intention bracelets with mantra repetition in meditation practice. 

Your Stone&Hide product will arrive with a card identifying the gemstones in your product and a free crystal gift, all beautiful gift wrapped in a jewelry box.


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