Mala Necklaces / Hand Knotted Necklaces

To get the best results from healing crystals and stones, they should be worn on the skin - or as close to it as possible. This is because the body is able to absorb the stones vibration better when it is in direct contact with our skin. Jewelry is the best way to absorb healing crystal energy. The healing vibrations and energies given off by the stones are magnified through use of Mala Necklaces and mantra repetition in meditation practice.

A mala necklace is a style of necklace that uses the sacred number 108: These necklaces traditionally were and are used as meditation tools. While in meditation, many find that to chant a mantra 108 times helps to make that mantra more true - helps to reprogram your brain somewhat to attain a certain goal. The mala is used to help keep count so that instead of focusing on counting the number of times you've chanted your mantra you can keep your mind clear or focused on the goal your trying to attain.

Hold the mala using your right thumb and middle finger to "count" the beads, moving to the next bead after each chant of your mantra.

Creating malas has been my greatest passion in jewelry making since i laid out my first one years ago. I love to experiment with different stone pairings and embellishments, patterns or lack thereof. Each one is unique and one of a kind - never replicated exactly unless specially requested to do so, however some of them are not able to be copied due to the beads or embellishments I've used.

Hand knotted 108 stone full mala necklaces or 54 stone half mala necklaces. With the many malas I have created I have found a preference in using a smaller 6mm beads for full malas and using the larger 8mm beads for half malas. Sometime I use both sizes in a single mala.

My signiature embellishment is the double lobster claw clasps on my malas - this allows for ultimate versatility of wear -these malas can be worn alone without a pendant as a lariat, a long chain or as a double stranded or bib necklace. You can wear them with single and with double bailed pendants. A mala necklace from stone and Hide will surely be one of the most luxurious, treasured and versatile pieces of jewelry you will ever own. 

Pendants are sold separately unless otherwise indicated. (I generally provide a pendant as a free gift for customers purchasing more than one double clasped bracelet / necklace in an order - I also generally provide a pendant as a free gift for my more expensive double clasped mala necklaces.)

Each mala comes with a card listing and detailing every stone used in the piece as well as a small mala pouch to keep it in. It will be packaged beautifully or gift wrapped at your request. I have also been known to include a sample mantra at the request of my clients who are using it for a specific intention - please utilize the checkout notes section during checkout if you would like to request any of these things, or just e-mail me!

Each and every item is designed and created by hand by either Janice or Levi - owners, designers, creators. Every piece is skillfully crafted with intention and attention to detail and the highest of quality. The quality of our work and your satisfaction is our number one priority and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that every transaction meets your expectations.

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