Who is Stone&Hide

Exquisitely Hand-Crafted Crystal Healing Solutions 

man and woman modelling gemstone crystal jewelry 

Levi and Janice - co-owners / creators

We began by setting up and selling our items at craft shows and art fairs - the website came after such great success at these shows - we were a big hit at every festival we did, and we loved getting to know our customers and helping them find exactly what they wanted! Ever since the pandemic began in 20220 business has been a bit different for us with event cancellations - we have missed selling to our customer base in person but continue to serve you online. We also look forward to selling in person again when the time is right. 

girl behind jewelry counter with crystal information       girl behind jewelry booth 

Allow me to introduce you to our team -

Levi - co-owner /  craftsman 

  artist holding copper wire gemstone tree sculpture

 Levi does all of the wire wrapping - he was in the electrical trade for nearly 20 years so he has been twisting wire for far longer than the beginning of our journey down this path

Precise and skilled, Levi creates unique, intricate works of art in the form of pendants, rings, bangles, sun catchers - the list continues...

A perfectionist to his core, Levi allows nothing to enter a customers hand that isn't perfect in every way. He is meticulous about his own work as well as mine, ensuring each piece is perfect by putting it through his own form of quality control. 

Janice : co-owner - creator 

  woman holding crystal modelling gemstone jewelry

  I am Janice - and along with creating and maintaining our website, I do most of the gemstone pairing as well as all of the weaving and hand knotting. I began my craft of jewelry making in the form of hemp macramé in middle school. I have since expanded my skills to hand knotting, weaving and creating our unique style of healing intention bracelets, adjustable and durable thanks to the high quality cord that we use - the only elastic cord we trust to carry high quality genuine gemstones. 

I pair crystals for specific intentions and protection and have addressed many ailments and goals with our customers since choosing this path. I have become well-learned in the subject of crystals and their properties as well as how to utilize them to improve your life, and I continue my research each day. 

The rest of the team - our boys

three young boys overlooking ducks in a pond at the park  boys looking at large mineral specimens

Last but not least, our 3 boys - this path has paved the way for me to work from home and I am so grateful to be able to spend more time with them. They are developing a love and knowledge of crystals and the earth at a young age which I'm very proud of. 

Stones in healing pieces from Stone and Hide are hand selected and paired due to their aesthetic beauty as well as their ability to vibrate cohesively toward a common goal for the wearer. When you purchase a piece from Stone and Hide, know that it has been created with intention and love, as well as cleansed and charged before it leaves our doorstep.

Thank you for taking an interest in our brand! Please contact us with any questions, concerns or interests, as well as any custom order requests.