Addiction release aromatherapy healing gemstone bracelet

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8mm healing purple amethyst with composite and maturity encouraging Botswana agate, and essential oil diffusing lava beads.

These stones are exceptional for letting go of what no longer serves. Release bad habits and addictions and begin vibrating at your highest frequency.

Botswana Agate is known for its exceptional grounding and calming capabilities. It is a stone of comfort that can provide support for any person grieving a loss or trying to overcome a bad habit. Botswana agate is an effective anxiety reducing crystal and negativity blocker. It looks to solutions rather than dwelling on problems. It allows us to see the bigger picture and releases repression. Botswana agate aids depression and encourages composure and maturity.

Amethyst has been known since ancient times as a master healer. It is known for its healing vibrational frequencies that are helpful for optimum brain, central nervous system and circulatory system functioning. It encourages mental focus and awareness. It can help us to overcome addictive behaviors and mental blocks, encouraging us to come up with solutions rather than stay trapped in a negative mentality. It is an aura cleansing stone, able to transmute pain and illness causing disruptive energies within the physical body. It can help with fatigue as well as stress and is a great crystal choice for anyone looking for extra support trying to give up bad habits and patterns that no longer serve us.




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Addiction release aromatherapy healing gemstone bracelet
Addiction release aromatherapy healing gemstone bracelet
Addiction release aromatherapy healing gemstone bracelet
Addiction release aromatherapy healing gemstone bracelet