labradorite gemstone sterling silver plated wire ring

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a beautifully minimalist hand wrapped gemstone ring!

this is hand wrapped by Levi with 925 sterling silver plated copper wire. the wire is durable and has the benefits of copper with the elegance of sterling silver

each ring is made to order and therefore, we are fully able to customize at your request

we are able to make any size ring from US size 4 to 15.5. If you need a size that is not in the drop down menu, just select size "0" and let us know what size you need in a messages

Labradorite is associated with the heart and 3rd eye chakras. It helps to open us up to receive and give love unconditionally and increases our self love and self esteem. It helps to activate our 3rd eye (or pineal gland) and prepare us for higher knowledge. It is a stone of magic - a bringer of light that raises consciousness and protects our aura from unwanted energies as well as preventing our aura from energy leakage. Labradorite connects us to universal energies, strengthens faith in the self and energizes the imagination, helping to bring about new ideas. It dispels illusions and shows the true intention behind thoughts and actions. Labradorite is also a stone of transformation and is useful during a transition.



wrist size inches centimeters
XS 6.5 IN 16.5 CM
S 7 IN 17.8 CM
M 7.5 IN 19 CM
L 8 IN 20 CM
XL 8.5 IN 21.6 CM

The easiest way to measure your wrist is to use a piece of string or anything really - simply wrap it around your wrist then measure how long the string is with a ruler or tape measure.

We have only these options listed in our size menu for bracelets, however we are happy to oblige any additional sizing requirements - for instance if your wrist is larger than 8.5”, simply choose the largest option on our size menu and then add a note at checkout for us to adhere to your actual wrist measurement. 

Any additional sizing requirements will be fulfilled so long as you submit a request in a note to us at checkout - or you can email us at :

labradorite gemtone ring
labradorite gemtone ring
labradorite gemtone ring
labradorite gemtone ring