Rainbow fluorite pendant

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 Fluorite is associated with the heart, crown and 3rd eye chakras. It can clear our auras and energy paths, increase positivity and energize the mind and spirit. It is a highly protective stone and can help bring your awareness to an influences or psychic manipulation occurring within yourself and shut off all unwelcome mental influence. Fluorite helps to neutralize EMF and geopathic stress. It is revered for its abilities to draw off negative energy and stress. Fluorite eliminates disruptive energies within the body - it is the best stone for any kind of disorganization. It focuses the mind and strengthens intuition, incorporates structure into our everyday and overcomes chaos in the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Fluorite increases self esteem, helps to move past narrow mindedness and dissolves illusions, aligning us with truth. It aids in concentration and in the processing of new information. It dispels confusion and one to stay in the present moment.



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S 7 IN 17.8 CM
M 7.5 IN 19 CM
L 8 IN 20 CM
XL 8.5 IN 21.6 CM

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Rainbow fluorite pendant
Rainbow fluorite pendant
Rainbow fluorite pendant
Rainbow fluorite pendant