FREE SHIPPING ON ALL U.S.A. ORDERS of $25 or greater!
FREE SHIPPING ON ALL U.S.A. ORDERS of $25 or greater!
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not your average crystal healing jewelry store

Stone and Hide is operated by a total of 2 people - the husband and wife team who created the brand. This is not buy / sell, nor is it a mass production studio. We do not employ anyone to create our designs - we design, create and sell our products solely, start to finish using only the highest quality materials and techniques to ensure that each piece is truly a lasting piece of art.

The quality of our work and our customers satisfaction are our top priorities and we do whatever it takes to ensure every transaction exeeds your expectations.

We enjoy long and ongoing friendships with most of our clients. Coming to us for a new piece isn’t just shopping - we make it personal and use our extensive knowledge of crystal properties as well as our huge range of top quality gemstone beads to make pieces specific to your goals and aesthetic preference.

We use a wide range of crystals and we pair them for specific intentions, as we truly believe in the power that crystals have to help enrich our lives. Please visit our blog to learn more about how to use your crystal jewelry to change your life as it has ours. Thank you for your interest in our brand - 


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